Americans believe US democracy ‘at risk of extinction’: poll

A majority of Americans now believe democracy in the United State is in danger of disappearing, according to a troubling new poll.

Just 26% of those surveyed said they felt US democracy would be secured for future generations, while 51% agreed with the statement, “U.S. democracy is at risk of extinction.” An additional 23% said they were unsure, according to data from Schoen Cooperman Research.

The fear of extinction fell evenly along partisan lines with 49% of Democrats and 49% of Republicans agreeing the republic was in danger. They were joined by 54% of independents.

The polling showed widespread pessimism and distrust had increased through 2021. Just 54% of Americans said they believed Joe Biden was the legitimate winner of the presidential election. That figure was 64% when the same pollsters asked the question in April.

The December poll also showed that 47% of American believed “there were real cases of fraud in the 2020 election that changed the results.”

The poll found that 47% of American believe fraud changed the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

The results were even more pronounced for those ages 18-29, with just 21% agreeing that US democracy was safe.

“We found that Americans are losing faith in their democracy, arguably worse than ever before. They’re losing faith in elections, institutions, and the ability of democracy to survive. Everything is negative,” said pollster Carly Cooperman.

The December survey was comprised of 800 likely 2022 midterm election voters — and both parties were quick to blame the other side for the loss of faith.

The poll found that 67% of participants believe that the country is now more divided.
The poll found that 67% of participants believe that the country is now more divided.
Schoen Cooperman Research

“With Democrat attempts to radically change election laws, pack the Supreme Court, and unilaterally enact the largest expansion of federal government in 50 years, it’s no surprise that people have no faith in Democracy or our institutions. It’s exactly how Venezuela became a socialist country, and exactly what the U.S. is inching closer to under one party Democrat rule,” Republican Staten Island Rep. Nicole Malliotakis said.

Democrats claimed former President Trump was to blame, for insisting without evidence that the 2020 presidential election was stolen through fraud.

“We live in an age of distrust and disinformation. Trust and truth are as elusive as ever. In my view, democracy in America has no greater threat the Donald Trump,” Rep Ritchie Torres (D-Bronx) said, adding that he too was “pessimistic” about on the issue.

Only 54% of Americans said they believed Joe Biden legitimately won the presidential election.
Only 54% of Americans said they believed President Biden legitimately won the election.

A total of 85% of respondents said they were concerned about the rise of political extremism in the United States. While another 80% said they would prefer to see politicians work together rather than “remain true to their ideological beliefs.” Roughly 2/3 of voters said the country had become “more divided.”

“Americans’ lack of appreciation for the greatness, yes greatness, of America and American democracy is the underlying condition here,” said chess grand master Gary Kasparov, who is now a pro-democracy advocate. “It’s not just MAGA, but the far left as well, saying that the system doesn’t work, that it’s always been broken and that it’s irreparable. Instead of trying to fix it, to improve it, which has always been the strength the US system, they act as though it’s not worth saving.”