Beyoncé drops new half-naked ‘Cliquebait’ teaser video

Beyoncé fans have been anxiously waiting for the superstar to drop her music video for her newest single, “Break My Soul.”

However, the 40-year-old entertainer teased her fans with a “Cliquebait” video on Thursday evening.

The song is off of her newest album, “Renaissance” and a full video has yet to be revealed.

The teaser was released on her YouTube channel and features a silver outfit-clad Beyoncé on top of a horse, reminiscent of her new record cover.

Wind gleefully blows the “Crazy in Love ” crooner’s hair as she sits on the sparkling pony.

In another shot, a fire burns next to a metallic horse with Beyoncé nowhere to be seen.

The title of her seventh studio album then comes on screen for the rest of the four-minute song.

The teaser featured a silver horse, fire and nearly-naked Queen Bey.
Beyonce/ YouTube
The Grammy winner modeled a silver chain all over her body and flowing hair for the music video.
Beyonce/ YouTube

Since the release of the Texas native’s album last month, a series of issues have surrounded the debut.

Queen Bey used the “ableist” slur “sp – – z” on her new “Renaissance” track “Heated.”

“Sp – – zin’ on that ass, sp – – z on that ass/ Fan me quick, girl, I need my glass,” the lyric says. Twitter users erupted over the song and asked the “Dreamgirls” star to change it.

Representatives for Beyoncé told The Post on Aug. 1, “The word, not used intentionally in a harmful way, will be replaced,” adding, “The road to success is always under construction.” She has since agreed to cut the word from the song.

The teaser featured a silver horse, fire and nearly-naked Queen Bey.
Beyonce/ YouTube

Singer Kelis also recently blasted Beyoncé for sampling her 2000 song “Get Along With You” without asking the “Milkshake” songstress.

“Some of the people in this business have no soul or integrity,” Kelis, 42, wrote in a comment on an Instagram fan page last month, also accusing the Grammy winner of “theft.”

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Kelis slammed Beyoncé recently for sampling her song in her new album without permission.

On Aug. 3, Beyoncé subtly removed a sample of Kelis’ music from the track “Energy.”

Earlier this week, Monica Lewinsky asked Beyoncé to take out a lyric about her from her 2013 hit “Partition.” The line was referencing the now 49-year-old’s affair with former president Bill Clinton in the mid-1990s.