Biden gun and police policies threaten Democrats’ 2022 midterm prospects

With an increase in violent crime in the US cities, President joe Biden is trying another act with a revamped push for the gun polies that may dismay his party before the 2022 elections.

Biden is concentrating on the gun crimes might embolden the advocates of the Second Amendment, who’ve accused the president of attacking the legal ownership of gun and for the Republican regulation makers should blame the police for most crime wave. The GOP strategists used this strategy for most of the 2020 midterm elections.

Besides, Biden also puts himself in the risk of alienating progressives that his strategies would undercut their effort to reform the law enforcement, thus deepening the party divisions during times when the Congress is witnessing a jeopardy in Democratic control. While several progressive Democrats demand for sweeping the police budget cuts, the president’s plan motivates the cities to utilize coronavirus relief funds for hiring more officers and other measures.

Across the 34 cities in the country, homicide rate has increased by 24% in Q1 of this year, with over 193 more cases of murders in same 3-month period a year earlier, as per a report by the National Commission on Covid-19 and the Criminal Justice.


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