Birdman dishes on viral lip-kiss photo with Lil Wayne

Turns out Birdman does kiss and tell.

The rapper sat down with the “Big Facts” podcast where he was asked about a now-famous photo of himself kissing Lil Wayne on the lips back in 2006.

The Cash Money Records co-founder, 52, admitted that it was done out of fear — specifically, that it would be the last time he’d ever cross paths with Wayne, 38.

“I always looked at Wayne as my son and I always looked at it like, ’cause I was in the streets, and I thought this might be the last time he ever see me,” Birdman ominously said of the “Lollipop” rapper. ” ‘Cause I was living like that. That’s what that s – – t really started from ’cause I thought that every night I leave, I might not ever come back.”

Birdman also expanded on his paternal connection.

“I was his father when he didn’t have a father since he was 9 years old,” he said of Wayne, who attempted suicide at age 12. “And I love him like my own, and I’d give my life for him and I’d take a life for him.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the record producer stated that the only reputable opponent for a Verzuz battle against Wayne would be … Wayne himself.

‘I love him like my own, and I’d give my life for him and I’d take a life for him.’

“Himself, Wayne versus Tunechi,” Birdman said, referencing the frequent Drake collaborator’s nickname. “He got too much s–t going on, he don’t need to touch that. Come on, brother — this is Tunechi.

“This n—-r had 100 singles in one year. He passed Elvis Presley in one year. One hundred songs on Billboard, so I don’t think an individual could top that,” Birdman added. “The work Wayne put into it, I wouldn’t even play with that s–t.”

Birdman has previously addressed the smooch, notably during a 2009 radio interview with Tim Westwood.

“That’s my son. If he was right here, I’d kiss him again,” he said at the time. “I kiss my daughter, my other son — you have children? Well, if you did, you’d understand what I meant with it. I just think people took that too far, man. That’s my son. I’ll do it again tomorrow; I’ll kill for him. Ride and die for him.”

Lil Wayne and Birdman caught in a very 2005-era pose: rocking chains, baggy sweats and a Sidekick phone.

Rapper Turk — a former member of the New Orleans-based group Hot Boys, a band signed by Cash Money Records — also spoke about the kiss in 2014. He told VladTV that the young members of the record label looked up to Birdman like a father figure.

“They caught them in a moment [and] the fans and the media made it into an issue that it wasn’t,” Turk said. “They’re just like the mob — they kiss each other all the time. And I’m not with Baby and them to this day, but that was just something a n—a did in house.”