United Airlines wants to bring back supersonic travel with 15 jet deal

United Airlines wants to bring back supersonic travel with 15 jet deal

On Thursday, the United Airlines said that it will be spending $3bn to purchase 15 zero-emissions, supersonic jetliners from the aviation company Boom Supersonic.

In a statement, the jet manufacturer said its ‘Overtune’ jet model will fly at twice the speed that the present-day fastest airliners fly at, carrying around 88 passengers each from San Francisco to Tokyo in 6 hours and NY to London within 3.5 hours. The airplanes will use exclusive jet fuel developed using organic matter, making them first ever large commercial airplane in the world with zero CO2 emissions.

Overtune will be first ever commercial jet that’s faster than the sound to fly since Concorde flew from 1970s till 2003. Concordes retired amid the lowering demand for air commute after the 9/11 attack and also as the travellers complained about noise, expensive tickets and absence of enough cabin space.

CEO of Boom Supersonic, Blake Scholl said that his firm plans on addressing the problems that retired Concorde, adding additional seating space and huge windows. The Overtune operating cost will be around 75% less than Concorde, thereby reducing the ticket prices as well, he said.

It will be much comfortable and larger experience than the Concorde, Scholl further said.


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