Russian Scientists Use Supercomputer To Probe Limits of Google’s Quantum Processor


Artist’s rendition of the Google processor. Credit: Forest Stearns, Google AI Quantum Artist in Residence CPQM’s Laboratory for Quantum Information Processing has collaborated with the CDISE supercomputing team “Zhores” to emulate Google’s quantum processor. Reproducing noiseless data following the same statistics as Google’s recent experiments, the team was able to point to a subtle effect … Read more

New DNA Sensor Quickly Determines Whether Viruses Are Infectious

New Sensor Can Distinguish Infectious Viruses From Noninfectious

A new sensor can distinguish infectious viruses from noninfectious ones thanks to selective DNA fragments and sensitive nanopore technology. Credit: Image courtesy of Ana Peinetti A new sensor can detect not only whether a virus is present, but whether it’s infectious – an important distinction for containing viral spread. Researchers at the University of Illinois … Read more

Canine Parasite Has Evolved Resistance to All Treatments

Dog Park

Hookworms have evolved to evade all FDA approved medications veterinarians use to kill them. Hookworms are one of the most common parasites plaguing the companion animal world. They use their hooklike mouths to latch onto an animal’s intestines, where they feast on tissue fluids and blood. Infected animals can experience dramatic weight loss, bloody stool, … Read more

Fossil Footprints Reveal Humans Inhabited North America Over 21,000 Years Ago

Footprints White Sands National Park

Footprints found at White Sands National Park in New Mexico, providing the earliest evidence of human activity in the Americas. Credit: Cornell University Newly discovered fossil human footprints embedded in an ancient lakebed show that humans inhabited North America during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM), occupying the region of what is now White Sands National … Read more

Hot “Black Ice” – Come On In, the Water Is Superionic

Uranus and Neptune

LLNL scientists have developed a new approach using machine learning to study with unprecedented resolution the phase behaviors of superionic water found in ice giants Uranus and Neptune. Credit: LLNL The interiors of Uranus and Neptune each contain about 50,000 times the amount of water in Earth’s oceans, and a form of water known as … Read more

Psychological Treatment Shown To Yield Strong, Lasting Pain Relief

Low Back Pain Concept

Two thirds of patients found relief; benefits lasted one year. Rethinking what causes pain and how great of a threat it is can provide chronic pain patients with lasting relief and alter brain networks associated with pain processing, according to new University of Colorado Boulder-led research. The study, published today (September 29, 2021) in JAMA … Read more

Wall of Lava Burns a Path Through La Palma

Wall of Lava Burns a Path Through La Palma

By Adam Voiland, NASA Earth Observatory September 29, 2021 September 26, 2021 A slow-moving wall of basaltic lava is bulldozing its way through communities on one of the Canary Islands. After Cumbre Vieja split open and began erupting on September 19, 2021, a slow-moving wall of basaltic lava began bulldozing its way through populated parts of La … Read more

NASA’s Lucy Mission Prepares for Launch To Study “Fossils” of Planet Formation

Lucy Trojan Asteroid Mission

Lucy will explore the Jupiter Trojan asteroids – thought to be “fossils of planet formation.” Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center NASA has tested the functions of Lucy, the agency’s first spacecraft to study Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids, filled it with fuel, and is preparing to pack it into a capsule for launch Saturday, October 16, … Read more