Slight Shifts in Magnetic Field Preceded California Quakes

Seismological Earthquake Chart

Researchers have discovered detectable changes in the local magnetic field that occur 2-3 days before an earthquake. Magnetometers detected faint signals that may improve our understanding of what happens before earthquakes and offer promise for early detection. Scientists studying intermediate to large earthquakes in California have discovered detectable changes in the local magnetic field that … Read more

Satellite Images Reveal a Rough Year for Rice in California

California Rice 2022

Drought and water shortages in 2022 have meant rice growers have only planted half as much of the grain as usual in the Sacramento Valley, normally the largest rice-growing region in California. The ongoing drought has cut rice acreage in the Sacramento Valley in half. Normally the largest rice-growing region in California, the Sacramento Valley … Read more

Scientists Augment Reality To Crack the Code of Quantum Systems

Abstract Quantum Physics Spin State Concept

The researchers accurately reconstructed the behavior of quantum systems using neural networks and “ghost” electrons. A new method for simulating quantum entanglement between interacting particles has been developed by physicists. Physicists are (temporarily) augmenting reality in order to crack the code of quantum systems. Calculating the collective behavior of a molecule’s electrons is necessary to … Read more

Diets High in Processed Fiber May Increase Cancer Risk

Cancer Cells Dividing

The results highlight both the need for routine blood bile acid level testing as well as caution when individuals with high bile acid levels consume fiber.  The study found that men who had high fiber intake and high blood bile acid levels had a 40% higher risk of liver cancer.  Fiber-enriched foods are often consumed by … Read more

Scientists Investigate the Effect of the Color Red on Brain Waves

Human Color Perception

Humans perceive color when photoreceptor cells, the so-called cones, are activated in the retina. They respond to light stimuli by converting them into electrical signals, which are then transmitted to the brain. If maximally colored colors are selected in the RGB color space, the brain reacts with gamma oscillations to different degrees (upper row). The … Read more

Chernobyl Black Frogs Reveal Evolution in Action

Chernobyl Black Frogs Reveal Evolution in Action

Extremes of the color gradient of the Eastern San Antonio frog (Hyla orientalis). On the left, a specimen captured in Chernobyl inside the high contamination zone; on the right, a specimen captured outside the Exclusion Zone. Credit: Germán Orizaola/Pablo Burraco, CC BY The largest release of radioactive material into the environment in human history occurred … Read more

Hubble Captures a Dazzling Globular Cluster

Hubble Captures a Dazzling Globular Cluster

By ESA/Hubble October 9, 2022 Hubble Space Telescope image of Terzan 1, a globular cluster that lies about 22,000 light-years from Earth in the constellation Scorpius. Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, R. Cohen Terzan 1 is a globular cluster located around 22,000 light-years away from Earth in the constellation Scorpius. It is one of 11 globular … Read more

Neuroscientists Discover New Function of the Cerebellum: Emotional Memory

Cerebellum and Emotional Memory

The cerebellum (activation in red) communicates with various areas of the cerebrum (activations in green) to enhance storage of emotional information. Credit: MCN, University of Basel The cerebellum is known primarily for the regulation of movement. Scientists at the University of Basel have now discovered that the cerebellum also plays an important role in remembering … Read more