What if Just a Single Airborne Particle Was Enough To Infect You?

Airborne Particle Infection

Illustration of where people can be infected by many (left) or a single (right) airborne particle. Single particle infections can occur far downwind. Credit: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory For some diseases, exposure to just a single airborne particle containing virus, bacteria, or fungi can be infectious. When this happens, understanding and predicting airborne disease spread … Read more

Futuristic Solar Electric Thrusters Makes NASA’s Psyche Spacecraft Go

Xenon Hall Thruster

Engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory work to integrate Hall thrusters into the agency’s Psyche spacecraft in July 2021. One of the thrusters is visible on the side of the spacecraft underneath a red protective cover. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech Futuristic electric thrusters emitting a cool blue glow will guide the Psyche spacecraft through deep space to … Read more

New Artificial Intelligence Tool Accelerates Discovery of Truly New Materials

AI Technology Creation Concept

The new artificial intelligence tool has already led to the discovery of four new materials. Researchers at the University of Liverpool have created a collaborative artificial intelligence tool that reduces the time and effort required to discover truly new materials. Reported in the journal Nature Communications, the new tool has already led to the discovery … Read more

National Ignition Facility Examines the Performance of Various Materials As Fusion Fuel Ablators

NIF Experiment Laser Power

This image shows computed laser power per unit area on the capsule surface used in the experiments. The black dots indicate the pointing on the capsule surface. Credit: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Scientists have examined the performance of pure boron, boron carbide, high-density carbon, and boron nitride ablators — the material that surrounds a fusion … Read more

Why We’re Exploring the Moons of Mars

MMX Spacecraft Descending to the Surface of Phobos

Artist impression of the MMX spacecraft descending to the surface of Phobos (based on the spacecraft design in FY2019). Credit: JAXA Dr. Ryuki Hyodo shares the science behind JAXA’s upcoming MMX mission to the Martian moons, and the unique features of this journey to Mars’s domain. In February this year, the world watched in awe … Read more

Elephants Benefit From Having Older Siblings – Especially Sisters

Elephants Benefit From Having Older Siblings – Especially Sisters

Asian elephant siblings. Credit: Virpi Lummaa A study of semi-captive Asian elephants in Myanmar has found that calves benefit from having older sisters more than older brothers. The findings are published in the British Ecological Society’s Journal of Animal Ecology. Researchers at universities in Finland, the UK and Myanmar have found that Asian elephant siblings influence … Read more

Strange Electron Behavior Surprises Solid State Physicists

Nematicity Wave

An image captured by laser-PEEM showing the arrangement of electrons in a sample of IBSC material. In this technique, images are made from laser light illuminating the sample in two different directions. Linear dichroism (LD) refers to the difference between the images made from these two illumination directions; it allows you to see details you … Read more

Sodom and Gomorrah? Evidence That a Cosmic Impact Destroyed a Biblical City in the Jordan Valley

Cosmic Impact Destroyed City in Jordan Valley

Artist’s evidence-based depiction of the blast, which had the power of 1,000 Hiroshimas. Credit: Allen West and Jennifer Rice An Ancient Disaster In the Middle Bronze Age (about 3,600 years ago or roughly 1650 BCE), the city of Tall el-Hammam was ascendant. Located on high ground in the southern Jordan Valley, northeast of the Dead … Read more

Physical Activity May Hasten Build-Up of Heart Attack Risk Factor

Heart Attack Illustration

Linked to calcium deposits in coronary arteries, used to measure cardiovascular disease risk But findings don’t outweigh numerous health benefits of exercise, emphasize researchers. Physical activity may paradoxically hasten the build-up of calcium deposits (plaque) in the coronary arteries, the amount of which is used to assess future cardiovascular disease risk, finds research published online … Read more

Tetranuclear Rare Earth Metal Complexes With Giant Spin

Tetranuclear Rare Earth Metal Complexes With Giant Spin

Credit: Angewandte Chemie Magnets formed from a single molecule are of particular interest in data storage, since the ability to store a bit on every molecule could vastly increase the storage capacity of computers. Researchers have now developed a new molecular system with a particular magnetic hardness. The ingredients in this special recipe are rare … Read more