Chinese astronauts make first spacewalk outside new station

On Sunday, two astronauts made their first ever spacewalk outside the new orbital space station of China to install cameras as well as other equipment by using a 15m long robotic arm.

Tang Hongbo and Liu Boming were displayed by the state television climbing outside the airlock as our planet rotated below them. Commander NieHaisheng, the third astronaut stayed inside.

Tang and Liu spent almost 7 hours outside the orbital station, said the Chine space company.

The crew arrived on 17 June for one 3-month long mission aboard the third orbital station of China, part of one ambitious space mission that landed one rover on the red planet in May. The program comes as the Communist Party commemorates 100 years of it being found.

The first module of the station, Tianhe was launched into space on 29 April, followed by one automated spaceship with fuel and food. Tang, Nie and Liu arrived on 17 June aboard one Shenzhou capsule.

Liu, on Sunday, attached his leg to one platform in the remote-controlled robotic arm’s end, which helped to keep him in a fix position as he used a drill as well as other equipment for setting up different tools.

The Chinese space agency intends to launch 11 by the end of 2022 to add 2 more modules in this space station.


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