Cincinnati sports anchor awkward Aaron Rodgers hot mic moment

Cincinnati sports reporter Jeremy Rauch appeared on air to tease his upcoming report Fox 19’s 11 p.m. edition on Thursday.

Then he signed off — or so he thought, anyway.

During what Rauch believed to be a commercial break, he began to strut around the studio, and continued to talk to someone off camera while in front of a picture of Aaron Rodgers holding up his Jets jersey, for another segment.

In what was later described as a “system malfunction,” Rauch was unknowingly live on-air for 35 incredibly awkward seconds.

“Really…huh…that’s a good point…yeah like…thank you App State,” Rauch randomly said while making hand motions as he paced in front of the camera.

Being a good sport, Rauch tweeted out the video of the incident after it aired, making for probably one of the weirdest moments of his career.

He later explained that he was waiting to record a one-minute segment for the morning and later saw his in-between accidental airing had gone viral.

“I was on camera tonight with a hot mic for 35 seconds during a break because of a system malfunction,” Rauch tweeted.

“There are several moments in here that make zero sense without explanation and I love it.”

Cincinnati sports reporter Jeremy Rauch during his 35-second hot mic moment, making hand motions while speaking to someone off stage.

Rauch arguably handled the “system malfunction” well and made for one accident people can laugh at.