Dorothy Wang Talks Starring on RKOBH vs. Bling Empire

One of these shows is not like the other! 

Dorothy Wang is the Bling Empire‘s newest addition, but she’s no stranger to the reality star life—Dorothy starred in Rich Kids of Beverly Hills for four seasons from 2004 to 2006. In an exclusive E! News interview, she revealed the two casts are extremely different.

“I think that we were a more dramatic bunch and were a little bit more hot-headed and more animated,” Dorothy explained of Rich Kids. “I think with this [Bling Empire] group, everything’s a little bit more behind the scenes, like, calculated and maneuvered and thought out.”

The reality star added that this may be due to the fact the cast, including Kevin Kreider, Kim Lee, Christine Chiu and Kane Lim, is “a little bit older.”

Dorothy—who previously appeared on the E! series with Morgan Stewart and Brendan Fitzpatrick—noted that since she “had more long standing friendships on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills…everything felt deeper and everything cut deeper.”