Egypt, Sudan urge UN action on Nile dam, Ethiopia says ‘no’

Sudan and Egypt have called for the UN Security Council to initiate preventive diplomacy as well as undertake a legal binding agreement to resolve one dispute with Ethiopia on water availability from the dam on Nile River; however, Ethiopia insisted that the matter could be solved by African Union to which several council members were convinced.

On Tuesday, Sudan and Egypt called for council meeting as well as sent their ministers to NY to appeal to get a council action, stating ten years of continuous negotiation with Ethiopia has failed and GERD (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam) is beginning a 2nd filing of its dam which violates a 2015 deal and also poses existential threat for 150mn people living in downstream countries.

Almost 80% of the dam built on Blue Nile is complete and is likely to reach complete generating capacity by 2023. Upon completion, the dam will become the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa and the 7th largest in the world, as per reports in the state media. Ethiopia states that the $5bn dam is significant for the promotion of economic development as well as to ensure that the majority of the people do not lack electricity.


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