General Naird Is Back in Space Force Season 2 Trailer

General Mark R. Naird is back and reporting for duty. 

On Jan. 27, Netflix released the season two trailer for its military comedy series Space Force—starring Steve Carell, John Malkovich and Ben Schwartzahead of its Feb. 18 premiere. The trailer starts off with General Naird (Carell) heading into a meeting with the Secretary of Defense (Tim Meadows).

“General Naird, it’s been suggested that you are unstable, incompetent, fragile, eccentric, indecisive and potentially treasonous,” the secretary of defense says in the clip. 

And General Naird ever so eloquently replies, “When you point a finger, you have three fingers pointed back at you and your thumb stands erect pointed towards the sky.”

The secretary of defense then issues a stern warning: “You have five months to prove yourself or POTUS will install alternative command.” But Naird doesn’t seem too worried, assuring the team, “Space Force isn’t going anywhere.”

Well, wE! certainly hope you’re right.