Jen Shah Slams Jennie Nguyen for Blaming Offensive Posts on a “Team”

Shah continued, making a reference to Nguyen’s friend Michael, “The fact she brings a Black man on her IG Live just confirms she has not learned nor is she sorry. This is Performative Slacktivism at its finest. (No Slacktivism wasn’t a typo). I hope Jennie can do the real work it will take to grow and change her racist, and islamophobic views.”

During the Live, Michael explained that he anticipated people making similar comments to Shah’s. 

“Over time, I did have to educate her on the whole Black Lives Matter and everything like that because I’m a gay Black man, so I live it every day,” Michael said. “Anybody that’s saying, ‘She paid him to be there,’ or, ‘She pulled the friend card,’ I see all your comments.”