Jeremy Renner Holds No Grudges, Welcomes The Return Of His Almost-Deadly Snowplow – Leak Herald

Maybe it was a snow job. But Jeremy Renner seemed delighted on Thursday night to celebrate the return of the snowplow that almost ended his life.

Renner shared images of his PistenBully snowplow on Instagram, which was finally returned to his home. On New Year’s Day, the vehicle tipped over and crushed Renner, breaking more than 30 bones.

“She’s finally making her way home! 🙏 😃,” Renner wrote. One picture showed people working on the machine, while another had a driver giving a thumbs-up.

“The cat get[s] a police escort… Feels like The Green Mile!” Renner wrote in a video that showed the machine rolling down the road with a police escort.

The snowplow, which weights more than 14,000 pounds, crushed Renner on New Year’s Day as he was trying to help a family member stuck in the snow.

Police investigated whether there was a mechanical defect that caused the machine to roll. The report resulting from that noted that “mechanical issues may have been a factor in this accident.”

Renner has been updating fans every two weeks on his efforts to come back from the horrific accident, and has remained upbeat throughout.