Kelly Stafford details ‘tipsy’ lobster fight with quarterback

Matthew Stafford is keeping his lobster distaste a secret. Or, at least he was.

His wife, Kelly Stafford, admitted the couple isn’t down with the delicacy on her podcast this week. And according to her Instagram story, when she told Matthew about the conversation, he responded by calling her a “pretentious b—h.”  Kelly followed it up with a second story, clarifying Matthew did not actually curse at her but she was “a little tipsy” when typing the initial post.

The topic came up on Monday’s episode of “The Morning After with Kelly Stafford” when asked if the couple ever didn’t like one of their personal chef Chris Donaldson’s meals.

“So one thing, and this is going to be news to Chris,” Kelly said. “Matthew and I do not like lobster.”

But even then, Kelly explained that they do like the way Donaldson, who is the sole owner of his catering company Fresh2Fit and has a roster of other athletes who have recruited his athlete-inspired meals. prepares it.

“When he makes it, it’s good so we eat it,” Kelly explains. “But we’ve never said that to him because it’s true and when he makes it, we love it.

Kelly details plenty in her podcast, which debuted last week and made headlines when she described happy Matt was in Los Angeles after being traded from the Detroit Lions to the Rams this past offseason.

In Monday’s episode, which followed Matthew’s 2-0 start with the Rams, Stafford revealed the couple believed the 33-year-old quarterback were traded to Colts this offseason to the point they were looking for houses on Zillow.