Kristen Wiig, Willem Dafoe Crash Will Forte’s Opening Monologue – Leak Herald

Tonight on SNL, longtime cast member Will Forte got his first opportunity to host, speaking in his opening monologue to his excitement about finally getting his moment in the spotlight.

“I was in the cast 12 years ago with Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Andy Samberg, Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen, so it was really fun to see Kristen host, then Bill, then Andy, then Fred, then Kristen again, then Bill again, then Jason,” Forte said, feigning irritation at being passed over. “Seth Meyers, I mean he’s one of my best buds, but come on. He wasn’t really a sketch guy. He was just on Weekend Update. Does that even count as being on the show? But he hosted, right?”

John Mulaney, he went on to note, was a writer on SNL while he was in the cast, and he too has been asked to host—four times. “But hey, that’s okay! You know, I’m not bitter about it. I’m not,” Forte deadpanned. “Saved the best for last right? Saved the best for way last. But look, after 12 long years, tonight, it’s finally my turn, my time to shine.”

It was at this juncture that Forte’s SNL co-star Wiig appeared on stage, with the pair’s interaction quickly going sour.

“Hi Will, I am so excited you’re hosting,” said Wiig, to which Forte responded, “Not a good time,” encouraging her to leave.

“Okay, well back to North Korea,” Wiig joked. “It was really hard to get out.”

After bemoaning the fact that Wiig got more applause when she came out than he did, Forte picked up where he’d left off. “My point is, maybe the universe has had a reason for making me wait to host. You know, maybe it wanted me to wait until MacGruber the series was streaming on Peacock,” he said. “Speaking of MacGruber, I would like to officially announce that MacGruber has been picked up for Season 2… I would like to announce that, but I can’t. We’re waiting to hear.”

What he could announce is that the audience is “in great hands tonight”—”strong, veiny, comedic hands.”

“If I could just take a serious moment,” he continued, “I’d like to say how much this show has meant to me. I started my career here and they’ve always supported me.”

As he spoke, the SNL band began to play, cutting him off.  “I waited 12 freaking years for this. I mean, have you seen some of the idiots they’ve had host the show since then?” Forte complained. “Kristen, Bill, Andy, Fred. All right, fine. I’ll take one question.”

Appearing before him then was SNL creator Lorne Michaels, who was joined by actor Willem Dafoe.

“I’m so sorry, Will,” said Michaels. “There’s been a mistake.”

“Willem Dafoe?” asked Forte. “You’re hosting next week!”

“I’m pretty sure it’s this week,” replied Dafoe.

“Oh my God, this is not happening,” said Forte. “Wait, you texted me to come host, Lorne.”

“I texted Willem,” said Michaels, “and you know, autocorrect.”

Forte then decided to have the audience decide who they’d prefer as host, with Forte polling at just 5%, as Wiig and Dafoe tied at 40 apiece.

Leak Herald will update this story with video when it comes in.