‘Mary Poppins of sex rooms’ helping couples add kink to home

Get a room.

In the latest Netflix reality series “How To Build a Sex Room,” couples looking to spice up their sex lives enlist a luxury interior designer to help. According to the streaming service, Melanie Rose, who helps them spruce up spaces for their fantasies, is “the Mary Poppins of sex rooms.” Sure. OK. 

In the trailer, Rose, who resembles a librarian, enters a couple’s home and proclaims, “So, I understand you want a sex room.” As she explains onscreen, she designs high-end homes, and when she was once asked to design a sex room, one thing led to another. 

The camera shows rooms full of luxury bedding, bathtubs, lush carpets, mood lighting, lingerie, stripper poles, bondage equipment and various sex toys that look like they were borrowed from the set of “50 Shades of Grey.” 

One of the sex rooms on “How To Build a Sex Room.”
A lounge and lingerie.
A lounge and lingerie in one of the sex rooms.
A bathtub and mood lighting.
A bathtub and mood lighting in one of the sex rooms.
A couple smiles.
One of the couples that enlisted Melanie Rose to help them build a sex room.
A mannequin with rope bondage.
A mannequin with rope bondage in one of the sex rooms.
Two women tie each other up.
Two women play with rope in “How To Build a Sex Room.”
A man tied up with restraints.
A man tied up with restraints in his sex room.

In the series, Rose will help various couples design interior spaces to cater to their bedroom antics. 

“They say you never know what goes on behind closed doors, but I do. Why wouldn’t I go and design a sex room?” Rose says onscreen. 

“How To Build a Sex Room” premieres July 8 on Netflix.