New Apple Leak Reveals iPhone 13 Design Shock

The expectations for the Apple iPhone 13 lineup are rapidly changing after two different reports revealed that expected most of the expected upgrades would be missing. That has left the iPhone fans now with another blow.

A shocking new report from Digitimes says that Apple will launch majority of next-generation phones with second-class 5G, with the firm’s most famous model likely to be among this.

The news further states that the iPhone maker has included a 5thAiP supplier, AT&S in its ranks. This addition forms part of one plan to drastically boost the 5G mmWave model ratio to 60 percent of its upcoming iPhone series this year. However, there is an issue- this implies that iPhone 13 as well as iPhone 13 Mini will be skipped again.

And that’s a shame. The availability of mmWave is limited still, but it would expand sharply during circa three years where majority of iPhone 13 purchasers are likely to keep using their phones. Once you happen to find a proper coverage, the mmWave is ballistically rapid with speeds ranging to 16 times higher than the implementation of standard sub-6GHz. Besides, competitors such as Samsung and Google are delivering 5G mmWave already at a lower price without the economy scale of Apple.


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