Nintendo is reportedly planning ‘a big Donkey Kong push’ including animation

If reports are to be believed, Nintendo is planning a major Donkey Kong push, including a brand-new animation, game, and a theme park expansion.

This news was first reported by Zippo, a reputed Nintendo insider, who claimed earlier claimed that one new game for Nintendo’s Donkey Kong franchise is under development.

The insider, this week claimed that the in-development game forms part of one bigger Donkey Kong push planned by the gaming giant.

According tolatest reports, Donkey and co. are not just receiving a brand-new game but are also getting animation, a huge theme park world, merchandise and much more. Universal Studios is postponing its plans to expand theme park of the Super Nintendo World with one theme based on the Donkey Kong world, and there is evidence that suggests that that’s the case.

Meanwhile, the Super Nintendo World Japan features one locked door that’s hidden to the north side of the theme park with one extremely DKesque design.

Shuntaro Furukawa, the president of Nintendo recently signaled that the firm is looking at the possibility of making another animation content besides the Super Mario film, sporting its other video game series.

Notably, Super Mario film is presently in works at the Despicable Me film studio, Illumination, with one a potential release window for 2022.


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