One-handed busker stuns with electric bass solo in NYC

He doesn’t need anyone to give him a hand.

A Union Square subway busker with just one hand became a NYC Reddit sensation last week when a passerby captured his bass solo and posted it online.

The bassist goes to town on the electrified instrument without the aid of his left hand, according to the clip. He sat by an empty instrument case with the sign “Saving Up For A New Arm” as Clark dropped money in.

One Redditor noticed the bassist’s “f–king incredible” skills as he tapped with his right hand and muted with his arm. Others said they’ve also seen the bassist at the 42nd Street subway station.

David Clark, 28, who filmed the amazing performance, said the bassist stood out to him during an Oct. 8 evening commute, noting he didn’t struggle “at all” to play the instrument.

A musician in Union Square performing on the electric bass with a sign saying he’s saving up for a new arm.
David Clark

“It was amazing,” Clark told The Post. “There are really talented musicians that play in places like that, it wasn’t until I noticed he only had one hand that I realized how amazing he really was.”

Clark asked Redditors for the bassist’s name and while he didn’t get one, he said he found out “his friends call him ‘Lefty.’”