Pallabi Dey Dies: Popular Bengali TV Actress Found Hanging at Rented Home in Kolkata

Kolkata, May 15: Popular Bengali TV actress Pallabi Dey was found hanging at her rented apartment in South Kolkata on Sunday, a senior police officer said. Dey, 21, was declared “brought dead” on being taken to a nearby hospital, the officer said. According to the officer, Dey had rented the apartment in Garfa area of south Kolkata in April.

She apparently shared the apartment with her “live in partner”. Talking to reporters, the caretaker of the apartment said that her partner called him aloud after “finding out that she had hung herself” in the bedroom. The caretaker also said that he, along with other housekeeping staff, brought down her body, and informed the police immediately. Sahana Dies: Kerala Model-Actress Found Dead at Her Residence in Kozhikode; Husband Taken Into Custody Following Murder Allegations.

The 21-year-old actor has played the female lead in several Bengali soaps such as ‘Kunja Chhaya’, ‘Resham Jhapi’ and most recently ‘Mon Mane Na’. “We are exploring the case from all angles. As of now, we are talking to her partner to understand the sequence of incidents. More details will be available only after the post-mortem report arrives,” the police officer added.