Patrick Mahomes Calls Brother Jackson’s Arrest a “Personal Thing”

“He forcibly kissed me out of nowhere,” Aspen alleged to the publication, “and I’m telling him, pushing him off saying ‘What are you doing?’ and then he proceeded to do it two more times where the last time I was pushing him off and I can see on the cameras that somebody was outside the office door and I was yelling for them to come help because he’s big and massive.”

Jackson’s attorney Brandan Davies since denied the allegations, saying that Jackson “has done nothing wrong.”

“Our investigation has revealed substantial evidence refuting the claims of Jackson’s accuser including the statements of several witnesses,” the lawyer said in a March 4 statement to E! News. “We have provided law enforcement with the tools and evidence they need to evaluate the claims against Jackson.”

The PIO for the Overland Park Police Department told E! News earlier this month that they are investigating the incident, adding “We are talking to multiple people who were present at the bar the night of the attack.”