Pishachini Spoiler Update: Rocky Has an Encounter With Rani While the Family Fears Her Evil Presence in the Mansion in Colors’ Supernatural Drama!

Colors’ show Pishachini has recently started and looks like it has managed to grab the eyeballs of all the supernatural show lovers. The show features Nyrraa Banerjee, Jiyaa Shankar and Harsh Rajput in central roles. Produced by MAJ Productions and Shakuntalam Telefilms, the show unravels the tale of a family and their encounter with an evil demoness, Rani. Pisachini: Colors TV New Show Starring Nyrraa Banerjee To Stream at This Time (Watch Video).

An enchantress, she pretends to be a damsel in distress, but eventually entraps people and devours their souls with her enchanting beauty and dark energies. As her frightening shadow falls on the Rajputs, it is Pavitra who senses her demonic presence and chooses to help the family break free from Pishachini’s evil powers. The upcoming episodes will showcase an all new drama where Amrita will be seen telling the family that the groom is staying in the same mansion.

Here, Rani will be seen jumping into the mansion and Ayodhya Singh will spot her. He will run after Rani, however she will disappear. Ayodhya Singh will be scared thinking that Pishachini is back. Pishachini: Nyrraa Banerjee Says “It Has Been a Tricky Shoot; the Show Gives Me a Great Opportunity To Experiment as an Actor”.

He will further inform the entire family. On the other hand, Rani will notice Pavitra and will try her evil tactic, but will fail. Parallel to this, Rani will overhear Rocky saying that he wishes he could meet Pishachini.

In another sequence he will be seen taking comfort in a tree where Pishachini’s hands would go around him! How excited are you to watch this drama? Keep reading LatestLY for interesting tracks on your favourite television shows! Pishachini airs from Monday to Friday at 10:00pm.

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