‘Resume bot’ gets marketing pro 30K ‘interviews’ in one week

A Spanish marketing professional decided to try to stand out to potential employers during his job search by creating an interactive “resume bot” that essentially allows him to preemptively answer questions he would expect during a live in-person interview.

The unique innovation landed 29-year-old Valencia native David Vidal 30,000 “interviews” in one week, he told Insider.

“I don’t think a conventional resume works anymore,” Vidal told the outlet.  “The most important thing for me was demonstrating my marketing and communication skills and proving that I’m a creative person who thinks outside the box.”

The resume bot begins when employers click the first prompt: “Let’s start the interview.” It follows up with several automated questions that recruiters can choose from to ask Vidal, such as “What’s your biggest professional achievement?”, “What does success mean to you?”, and “Tell me three of your weaknesses.”

The bot then provides automated responses to recruiters for each question.

“I wanted to stand out from the other candidates and allow recruiters to get to know me better before an in-person interview,” Vidal said.

According to David Vidal, the “resume bot” comes preloaded with answers potential employers would ask him on a regular job interview.

The bot was simple and free to set up, Vidal told Insider. He used an application called Landbot, a non-AI conversation creator that required no coding or even the premium version of the app.

After linking the bot to his LinkedIn profile, it began to go viral and was used by over 30,000 people.

Through the resume bot, Vidal has secured 14 interviews and 11 job offers, and is now weighing all his options before making a final decision, he told Insider.