NASA chief says Russia leaving ISS could kick off a space race

The US has enjoyed a mutually advantageous relationship for decades with Russia, which has quite often proved to be a solid symbol of collaboration between the West and East in the present era. However, that collaboration may soon dissolve, which has left Bill Nelson, the new Nasa chief, concerned.

The Russian officials have threatened to withdraw from the ISS (International Space Station), the orbiting lab that Russia and the US have operated jointly for almost 20 years, by 2024 with an aim to operate a space station independently. Meanwhile, the US govt and Nasa plan on continuing the ISS initiative till 2030 at least.

If Russia withdraws, it won’t be good, said Nelson.

Adding further to the US-Russia complexity is the verity that Russia has indicated that it is willing to collaborate with China closely on deep space research plans. Both the nations have signed one memorandum of understanding previously this year for establishing one joint lunar station, while the geopolitical stress between Russia, China and the US continue over cyberattacks, abuse of human rights and an array of other problems.

Nasa is also not allowed to talk about the conversations it had had with China related to possible bilateral coordination due to the 2011 Wolf Amendment.


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