New dinosaur species found in Australia was as long as a basketball court

Researchers have confirmed a leviathan that stood over 16ft tall once and was almost the size of one basketball court as the biggest dinosaur ever discovered in Australia.

This new species, nicknamed ‘southern titan’ and officially classified as Australotitancooperensis, is now among the fifteen biggest dinosaur specimens discovered globally.

The palaeontologists from Eromanga Natural History Museum and Queensland Museum have described this new species properly in a research that appears in the PeerJ science journal.

The dinosaur’s fossilized skeleton was found on one Queensland farm in 2007. The specimen that was named ‘Cooper’ back then was approximately 16-21ft tall and 98ft long, as peer the researchers.

This dinosaur is basically a kind of a large sauropod, which is a plant-eating sub-category known for their long necks, 4 trunk-like limps and long tails.

It’s believed that Australotitan lived around 92 to 96mn years ago, said the researchers.

In order to classify Australotitan, researchers developed 3-dimensional scans of every bone and then compared them with another known sauropod specie in Australia as well as well across the globe.

In the study, researchers discovered that Australotitan was closely associated with 3 different Australian sauropods: The Savannasaurus, Diamantinasaurus, and Wintonotitan that lived on the continent back then.


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