Shondaland Audio To Produce ‘Scandal’ Rewatch Podcast – Leak Herald

Scandal fans will soon be able to relive the show’s most memorable moments via a podcast produced by Shondaland Audio — through the lens of one of the series’ most beloved duos.

Hosted by Katie Lowes and Guillermo Díaz, Unpacking The Toolbox will feature conversations about the political thriller as they rewatch the series from start to finish.

“Former B613 duo – Huckleberry Quinn – will share behind the scenes stories, fun facts, on set memories and a healthy dose of laughs – sometimes inviting their co-stars, writers, crew members and maybe even superfans to reminisce and relive the making of Scandal together,” the podcast description reads.

Unpacking The Toolbox is one of two podcasts Shondaland Audio announced Tuesday, in partnership with iHeartMedia. The other is a culinary podcast titled The Flaky Biscuit, which is hosted by master baker Bryan Ford.

The goal of The Flaky Biscuit is to bring together diverse voices to discuss food. Here’s the description for the podcast:

“Each episode, Bryan will recreate each guest’s most memorable, nostalgic, or favorite meal and attempt to give them their own version of the ‘Proust Effect’ – the curious phenomenon of a memory triggered by a smell, a taste, or even a sound. Guests range from high-profile chefs to entertainers, athletes and visionary change-makers. Bryan’s cooking conjures up tales from the guest’s pastime, their struggles, their successes and how they’ve made a difference in their community. Learn a little bit about each guest’s favorite food, find some new opportunities to make a difference and laugh as you discover whether Bryan’s dish was a hit or a complete miss.”

Both are expected to debut in 2023.