SpaceX Crew Dragon for the all-civilian orbital mission has an incredible toilet

Ideally, when SpaceX decided to send a Crew Dragon spaceship into orbit, it is headed to International Space Station (ISS) for delivering cargo and astronauts. The space agency, recently, announced that it’ll launch the first ever all-civilian crew of the world into orbit, with a potential launch date for September. A few new details related to the spaceship and how civilian crew would live while on board have come to the forefront and it is quite interesting.

Its being reported that the civilian crew aboard the Crew Dragon would enjoy best view from bathroom as SpaceX has replaced the usual docking connector in the nose of the Crew Dragon with one cupola. The toilet seems to be present in this cupola and one certain separates it from the remaining area of the capsule. This implies that while the astronauts use the facilities, they’ll be in the position to look at earth and deep space. It is described as first space toilet that has a 360° view.

As per Jared Isaacman, the mission commander, passengers could look out the toilet window as they do their business. Isaacman’s a pilot and billionaire entrepreneur who bough 4 seats on this capsule for first civilian mission into deep space.


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