TikTok Quietly Tweaks Privacy Policy to Collect Your Biometric Data

TikTok has quietly upgraded its privacy policy previously this week which allows the firm to collected massive data on the users automatically in the US- including info about their voice and face.

The change in policy, updated first by TechCrunch, particularly says that TikTok might gather biometric information and biometric identifiers as defined in the US laws, including voiceprints and faceprints from the videos that users put up on the platform. TikTok further notes that it will look for permissions, wherever needed by law, before gathering that data. Additionally, the policy change also says that the other data such as the audio nature and text of words said in the User Content may also be collected automatically.

There are many reasons why the firm might be gathering this data. One of them is, of course, advertising- new policy notes that apart from the voice and face data, it might also gather info for purposes like identifying the scenery and objects that appear. It might also utilize voice data for enabling its auto captions feature.

It is also worth noting that this voice- and face-related info seems under one new header, ‘Information we collected automatically’in TikTok’s new policy. This implies that the firm might hoover this info without the users realizing that is what they are agreeing to.


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