New Android Auto Location Error Breaks Down a Key Feature

If you are new to Android Auto, you are likely to think that everything boils down to plugging your Android phone in, launching the application and then depending on the voice commands or touch input for interacting with applications when in motion or parked.

That, theoretically, is the way Android Auto has been designed to run; however, in practice, everything is quite different as the users witness critical issues sometimes.

For instance, of the recent issues concerns location-based and voice input features, and someone found that the Google Assistant cannot determine their present location anymore and hence doesn’t offer relevant info to drivers.

For instance, the Google Assistant, in theory, should allow you to look for nearby gas stations with only a voice command. You just have to do this in order to make the assistant display the gas stations nearby, with the search results getting displayed on Google Maps under the head unit that’s running the Android Auto.

However, a few people discovered that this feature doesn’t work anymore as Google Assistant cannot determine their exact location. Instead of displaying results for their real location, the Google Assistant shows items close to their homes, though they aren’t anywhere near it.

Meanwhile, a team member of Android Auto has confirmed that the problem has been extended to those who specialize in fixing it, even though, there is no ETA at present with respect to when the patch may land.


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