Samsung’s stretchable electronic ‘skin’ can detect and display your heartbeat

Besides its next-generation of foldable displays with the new form aspects, Samsung is presently working on making displays that are much more flexible. The company says that it has developed one OLED skin screen, which features a built-in heartrate monitor, and can stretch up to thirty percent.

As per Samsung, the technology offers more precise measurements than the prevailing wearables for a longer duration of time. Besides, Samsung is sure that the trials of the tech can lead to commercialization of the stretchable gadgets with high resolution, large screens.

As mentioned in one new study, researchers from SAIT (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology) have developed a new wearable that sports flexible screen, offering accurate measurements despite getting stretched to thousand times its usual length.

As one can expect, most of the fixed-form gadgets generally fall apart or break down in such intense physical manipulation. Hence, to surpass this technical hurdle, researchers have replaced the new wearable’s plastic material with elastomer, which is a highly advanced material having high resilience and elasticity. They later tweaked the molecular composition of the elastomer to elevate its resistance towards hear and to release the stress that’s caused due to elongation, thus allowing them to merge a semi-conductor in their device.

Notably, the study appears in the Science Advances journal.


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