Apple will not release its VPN-like ‘private relay’ feature in China

Apple has announced an array or privacy-associated features in the WWDC presentation, with one of them having the ability of hiding your web activities from the everyone. This feature, known as ‘private relay’ is among the features that are includes with one iCloud subscription (iCloud+) that’s paid. However, if you are in china, do not expect the feature to hide all your internet browsing activities. The iPhone maker has said that it would exclude China as well as a few other nations from the rollout of private relay because of regulatory restrictions.

The Chinese government closely monitors how the residents in the nation use the web, making a string of Western internet services inaccessible for them. In a report, Reuters says that this is not the first incident where Apple is compromising one of its biggest markets. In 2018, the company also shifted digital keys that are used for locking the iCloud data of the Chinese users into servers in the nation itself, so the authorities have an access to them with a permission from the domestic courts.

The private relay feature works by sending the traffic to one server that’s maintained by Apple first, removing the IP address from it. This traffic then gets forwarded to another server which is operated by one 3rd party. Next, a new temporary IP address is assigned to the traffic, which the destination site ultimately sees.


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