Samsung pushes pixel size even further with new camera sensor

Samsung has unveiled an all-new smartphone camera image sensor that it claims has smallest pixels across the industry. The image sensor, called ISOCELLL JN1, basically is a 50MP sensor that has a relatively small 1/2.76-inch setup, with the size of the pixels being only 0.64μm. For comparison, the South Korean company has already broken records back in 2019 by launching a slightly bigger ISOCELL Slim Gh1, a 50MP sensor with pixels that are only 0.7μm in size.

The conventional camera wisdom states that the smaller pixel size generally result in bad image quality. So why did Samsung come up with such a small sensor size? As per Samsung, it is all about the versatility of the form factor. The smaller size of the sensor size implies that one can use it in telephoto or ultra-wide camera modules or as an alternative to reduce height of main camera bump.

Just like other camera sensors with high resolutions, the new JN1 will use pixel-binning tech that mergers several pixels into a single pixel to avail better light sensitivity. Samsung, in this case, says that the image sensor will have the ability to capture 12.5MP pictures with 1.28μm pixels. Besides, the company claims a 16% improvement in light sensitivity through its new ISOCELL 2.0 technology.


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