The Kremlin officials are so afraid of “Bayraktar” UCAVs they threaten to “demilitarise” the production of drones in Ukraine


Dmitriy Peskov, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation expressed the Kremlin’s irritation about the fact that the production of Turkish “Bayraktar” combat drones may begin in Ukraine. He threatened that the Russian army would destroy it.

Source: Russia-sponsored propaganda information agency “RIA Novosti”

Quote from Peskov: “If the “Bayraktar” manufacturing plant is created in Ukraine, then (it) will immediately fall under “demilitarisation”.


  • On 8 August, it became known that the manufacturer of unmanned combat aerial vehicles Bayraktar has been registered in Ukraine and purchased a plot of land for the construction of a plant. In addition, literally a week ago, the government approved a bilateral agreement on the construction of the plant and sent it to the parliament for ratification.

  • In February, during the meeting of the presidents in Kyiv, Ukraine and Turkey signed an agreement expanding the production of unmanned combat aerial vehicles by the Turkish company “Baykar” in Ukraine.

  • Haluk Bayraktar, the director of the Turkish drone manufacturer “Baykar”, and Taras Chmut, the director of the Come Back Alive Foundation, signed a memorandum on further partnership in Istanbul.

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