Time is Right For Maude, Says EP – Leak Herald

Nothing has been set in stone for now, but Norman Lear and Brent Miller have a pretty good idea what they’d like to do if ABC decides to air another edition of Live In Front of a Studio Audience.

“We’ve talked about Maude for a handful of years and I guess now more than ever, it feels like the right choice,” says Miller, who joined Lear for Leak Herald’s Contenders Television: The Nominees. “Because of obvious reasons with Roe v. Wade [being overturned], and it having one of the most iconic episodes of television, not just for Maude but for television in general.”

Miller is speaking about the 1972 two-parter dubbed “Maude’s Dilemma,” in which the comedy’s title character played by Bea Arthur discovers that, at 47, she was pregnant. At the time, Lear — who created the show for CBS — opted to have Maude terminate her pregnancy because of her age.

“I think the time’s right,” Miller told Leak Herald about revisiting the watershed episode. “We’ve definitely all discussed it, and it seems like it’s time.”

Lear and Miller, together with Jimmy Kimmel and James Burrows among others, executive produced Live In Front of a Studio Audience: The Facts of Life and Diff’rent Strokes for ABC. With a cast that included Ann Dowd, Jennifer Aniston, John Lithgow and Gabrielle Union, it was nominated for Outstanding Variety Special this year.

“I think any actor that we reach out to, if they’re available, if they hear they get to work with Norman Lear, they’re in,” said Miller. “It’s their opportunity to be able to work with Norman if they haven’t yet. That’s the idea of them kissing the ring.”

Check back Monday for the panel video.