Top Biden ally pleads with him to scrap filibuster for election reform

After several months of gridlock and setbacks on the voting rights, a top ally of President Biden in Congress now is urging him to extend support for amending Senate filister.

Whip Jim Clyburn, House Majority told Politico that Biden must endorse the initiative of making a carveout to Senate filibuster for legislation that’s applicable to Constitution. As an effect, the new reform would create the possibility for the Democrats passing their elections reform legislature as well as other bill that reauthorizes major sections of Voting Rights Act with only Democratic support.

It is a sentiment that the congressman explains he has shared along with Steve Ricchetti the counselor of White House, as well as Cedric Richmond, the Director of Public Engagement. Clyburn said that he has also talked about it to the Vice President.

Clyburn’s comments come as the latest effort by the senior Democrats to seek a way to have the Republican opposition pass the election reform bill. Biden himself will embark on an aggressive campaign to shift the public opinion surrounding those bills. On Tuesday, he’s heading to deliver one speech on what actions his admins will take to protect the constitutional right to voting, said the White House.


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