Ukrainian Air Force counts downed Russian birds and reveals details of combat in the sky


During the 24 hours of 27 May, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed three Russian air targets and a company-tactical group of the Russian army.

Source: Yurii Ihnat, Spokesman of Air Force Command

Details: According to the results of the day, the following were hit:

Ignat gave details of the destroyed enemy targets.

Direct quote: “On 27 May, at around 2 pm, in the sky over the Kherson region, a Ukrainian Air Force MiG-29 fighter downed a Russian Su-35 fighter from the 23rd Air Fighter Regiment of the Eastern Military District of the Russian Federation.

A Ukrainian MiG-29 covered a group of strike aircraft (Ukrainian Air Force Su-25 attack aircraft) which targeted aggressor troops in Kherson Oblast. As a result of this air raid, a Russian company-tactical group with equipment and personnel was destroyed.

A Russian Su-35 fighter flew out from Belbek airfield (in occupied Crimea) to intercept Ukrainian attack aircraft. In fact, he was met by a Ukrainian MiG-29.

The intercepted radio communication indicates that the Russian pilot was ejected and a typical explosion was heard near Kherson.

In Kharkiv Oblast, Ukrainian paratroopers from the 95th Separate Air Assault Brigade shot down another Russian combat helicopter, a Ka-52 Alligator, with Piorun MANPADs.

And in the Donetsk area, the air defence of the Ground Forces destroyed another Russian Orlan-10 UAV.