Ukrainian Producers Launch Documentary About War With Russia – Leak Herald

The Organization of Ukrainian Producers (OUP) has teamed up with production company Gingers Media to make a documentary about the first month of the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Against All Odds (working title), which will be directed by Artem Litvinenko (best known for Ukrainian Netflix series The Sniffer), is currently in production and has the support of the Ukrainian Centre for Defence Strategies.

The authors explore how Ukraine managed to thwart the “blitzkrieg” of one of the world’s largest armies and push back the aggressor near Kyiv. According to producers, there will be CGI maps of Ukraine and participants of the battles will speak in their own words.

The film features military experts including General Ben Hodges (a retired commanding general of the United States Army Europe), Admiral Sir Philip Jones (a retired senior Royal Navy officer), and General Andrzej Fałkowski (a former Polish Military Representative at the Military Committees of NATO and the European Union). The film also features Ukrainian military leaders.

Release is planned for fall 2022 with distribution discussions set to begin now.

“Many people have already forgotten the first days of the war, when they considered that Ukraine would surrender in 72 hours. Why were they wrong? How did Ukraine survive? Did leading world experts overestimate the Russian army or underestimate Ukraine? We don’t know the answer to these questions yet, but we eagerly want to find them”, said Igor Storchak, co-founder of the OUP, founder and producer of Gingers Media.

He added: “The war changed everything, it broke millions of lives, destroyed many plans. This film is our contribution to understanding the events happening before our eyes.”

Director Artem Litvinenko commented: “How was this attack repelled? At what cost? All are very important and difficult questions, and the answers are often shocking. How many Russian weapons were destroyed, how large was the destruction and terror against civilians: when you see it with your own eyes you can see a picture of this terrible war”.

The Organization of Ukrainian Producers (OUP) is a group of seven Ukrainian producers. Established in March 2022, the group make documentaries and features about the consequences of Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine. The group is currently working on six documentaries and one fiction film.