Trump returns to political stage with speech at North Carolina GOP convention

On Saturday, former US President Trump made a comeback with a short speech to political stage at North Carolina Republican Convention, strengthening his continued leadership in spite of his repeated false claims about 2020’s electoral election.

This is the second speech given by Trump in public after one tumultuous 3 months his party witnessed. He ripped the current president Biden’s initial months at office and repeated untrue statements that the 2020 electoral election was one hoax. He teased by saying that he is looking forward to the year 2024 ‘very much,’ but had his focus on midterm elections.

America’s survival depends on its capability to elect the Republicans at all levels, starting with midterms the following year, said Trump.

He attacked Biden’s record on foreign policy, immigration and economy for most portion of his speech, stating that America is getting destroyed before the citizens own eyes. Trump also spoke about his admin’s work on Covid-19 vaccine, saying that’s what helped massively in the recovery which is presently taking place.

The former president also highlighted renewed interest on pursuing the origin of Covid-19, with a few doubting whether the infection originated in a lab at Wuhan, China. he also mocked Dr Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor of Biden, for abandoning that theory earlier on.


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