Biden ends infrastructure negotiations with Republican senators

President Joe Biden has ended infrastructure legislation negotiations with Sen. Shelley Capito as well as the Republicans, telling Capito on Tuesday that this recent FOP offer did not meet the crucial needs of the country for fixing bridges and roads, and prepare it for a future that depends on green energy and better employment opportunities, as a Jen Psaki, the press secretary for the White House.

Psaki states that Biden has discussed with many Senate and House lawmakers in the last two days and appreciated Capito’s good efforts. However, Psaki said that Biden was disappointed with the fact that the Republicans had escalated their proposed investments by just $150bn post he had lowered his plan to over $1 trillion.

Biden will not focus his attention on one bipartisan senators’ group preparing their infrastructure proposal. Meanwhile, Psaki said that he discussed with Senators Joe Manchin, Bill Cassidy and Krysten Sinema and plans on staying in constant touch with a few bipartisan lawmakers in Europe.

The bipartisan group, which is led by Mitt Romney, a Republican Senator from Utah, was working on one alternative to Capito’s offer as a kind of backup if its efforts with the House foundered. The ‘supgroup,’ which initially comprised of five people, has expanded to about 8-9 senators now, said Romney.


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