Watch Bradley Cooper Play With Coconuts in Helpsters Sneak Peek

We wouldn’t mind being stranded with Bradley Cooper on a deserted island. Just sayin’. 

The Academy Award nominated actor plays Castaway Cal this in exclusive clip from the third season of children’s show Helpsters, premiering May 27 on Apple TV+. Something tells us 5-year-old daughter Lea, who he shares with Irina Shayk, will be very excited. 

All alone on an island strewn with trash and wooden barrels, Cal finds an advertisement from somebody named Delivery Delia. Hankering for a tasty treat, he decides to write her a message in a bottle.

“I live by myself on Faraway Island,” Cal writes to Delia. “I was excited when one of your delivery flyers washed up on shore. I would love it if you could deliver me a pizza with toppings that look like a smiling face.”

Along with his note, Cal also includes a map to help Delia get to his island. He adds, “Thank you so much. Your friend, Castaway Cal.”

Such nice manners from somebody dealt such a bad hand. Good for you, Castaway Cal!