Hong Kong vigil organizer arrested on Tiananmen anniversary

The police arrested the organizer of Hong Kong candlelight vigil held every year to remember the crackdown at Tiananmen Square and warned the people to not attend the event on Friday as the authorities mute the last pro-democracy voice of China.

In the past few years, many people gathered at Victoria Park in Hong Kong to commemorate the victims that died when the military force of China put down the pro-democracy protest led by students on 4 June, 1989, killing several people.

The Communist Party of China hasn’t allowed public event that marks the military’s strike on citizens and protestors and the security was increased at Beijing Square on Friday, with the police going through the ID of every pedestrian.

The authorities have restrained all discussions related to the event, where some remaining victims’ advocates and activities are placed under police monitoring. On Thursday, while responding to one question on the crackdown, Wang Wenbin, the spokesman for Foreign Ministry reiterated China’s stand that its reaction to the 1989 political turmoil was correct.

An effort to squelch public memory on the Tiananmen event have turned towards Hong Kong lately, where the 4 June Museum was shut the whole week and the police again warned the residents to not attend the candlelight vigil on Friday.


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