Uganda re-imposes lockdown to beat back COVID-19 case surge

On Sunday, the President of Uganda, Yuweri Museveni, re-imposed a stringent lockdown that includes closure of the schools and suspension of all inter-district commute as a measure to beat the rise in the cases of Covid-19 in the country.

These measures, which would be effecting starting Monday, include closure of every educational institute, certain travel bans, shutdown of markets that are weekly open and suspension of the church services.

Majority of the new regulations, said Museveni, will stay effective a span of 42 days. A review of their affect will then aid the government to decide whether it is best to ease out or prolong the measures, he added.

One of the toughest lockdowns of Africa was implemented by Uganda in the initial stage of the epidemic last year; however, it was lifted gradually as the number of cases started to decline.

But, the previous month, the infection level began to surge again, especially among the young population, leading to a fear that the situation might go out of the nation’s control in the second wave.

On Sunday, Museveni said that he was tensed that the spike in the cases may exhaust the oxygen supply and bed space in the hospitals, unless urgent health measures were imposed.


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