You’ll Want to See These Amazing Race Winners’ Wild Honeymoon

“We’ve always been passionate about eco-friendly and sustainable tourism,” noted Wallington. “It’s very important to us because we love this planet and its endless travel opportunities, so we want to make sure we do our part to protect it all while continuing to experience its natural wonders!”

Days in, the couple, who got engaged after crossing the finish line back in 2018, were already raving about spying many of the archipelago’s natural wildlife. “We’ve been able to see sea lions everywhere we go, land and marine iguanas, red- and blue-footed boobies, and many other species,” said Jardell. Long having been drawn to the spot, “It’s a dream being able to experience the beauty in person,” he continued. “It’s hard to put into words, and no picture can do it justice.” 

And yet they tried, the newlyweds sharing their favorite snaps from the nine-day trip with E! News.